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2021 Mobile Tour


In 2021 Sodastream introduced a new flavor lineup, by bringing Pepsi's Bubly Sparkling Water to the SodaStream system.


The tagline? Fizz. Flavor. Enjoy!


JetFuel Studio was selected to introduce consumers to this new flavor phenom, by giving people a chance to actually make & taste their fave, using a SodaStream!


Key objective? Raise awareness of the new Bubly Drops, in a way that would inspire people to share their new taste discovery with their social circles.


Our team designed a design-forward mobile SodaStream bar, using the vibrant & fizzy Bubly colors coupled with an aesthetic grounded in environmentally friendly look & feel.


The mobile bar was housed in a modified food truck, with working countertops for participatory demos.


After working with our baristas to create personalized SodaStream X Bubly beverages, our video concierges helped guests create a unique piece of video content they could share with their social networks.


And the best part? Each guest received a high value coupon they could redeem to purchase a SodaStream instantly!


Our tour visited events, high traffic locations, and of course, SodaStream retailers - giving tens of thousands of new users their first taste as part of an inspiring, unique brand experience. 


Now that's some tasty bubbles!

Activation Days 

Bottles Sampled

Consumers Engaged
OOH Impressions
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