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Hoots Rightgeous Wings



As a new concept restaurant concept from Hooters, Hoots Righteous Wings adopted a unique strategy – to be the premier wings purveyor in America, with deep & authentic roots to each community they operate in.

Our assignment was to showcase their local family farm chickens, freshest ingredients – and true community connections, for the Atlanta initial launch.

Our way in? Develop a hyper-local “Righteous Moments” story, highlighting local heroes in the ATL area – and show how Righteous Wings satisfies their appetite.
We created a content mini-series, diving into Righteous personalities in the Atlanta community. The content was complimented by mouth-watering food culinary photography of Hoot’s wings shot in the restaurant, and in Atlanta iconic locations.
The stories and content inspired ATL to make Hoot’s the new hot spot for wings & good times!

 We utilized the content on Instagram and Facebook, while deploying hyper-local targeted digital ads & guerilla street marketing to drive awareness & promote the locations and social channels.


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