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Purple Carrot

From Seed to Plate


Purple Carrot is the premier plant-based meal kit company - Purveyors of Plant-based Perfection!

How to introduce their incredible meal kits to the 40mm households that would consider healthy meal kits - and increase new subscriptions?

We designed & produced a series of highly efficient & effective content films that introduced Purple Carrot in the context of their target consumers’ lifestyles. The films showcase the deliciousness & ease of prep, while tracking the journey of the healthy ingredients from seed, to harvest, to plate.

Our team shot the 2 long form content pieces on location in NY and LA – showcasing how the meals fit into a variety of lives. The pieces were leveraged for placement on digital media ad buys. We then cut them to smaller units for placement on social, driving increases in followers, engagement rates, and new subscribers!

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