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C4 Energy

2021 Tour


JetFuel Studio brought the essence of C4 Energy to life in our immersive “Ignite Your Fire” experiential tour. Our mission was to drive awareness and trial at the right times & places, with experiences that defined the core intrinsics of C4.


We launched our C4 “Ignite Your Fire” Experience with field teams simultaneously activating in Texas, New York, Ohio, Florida, Arizona California, Chicago and more……


Our teams visited grassroots and professional sports events, street fairs, concerts, and more, as we connected the brand with consumers thirsty for physical energy and mental vitality.


We shared hundreds of thousands of ice cold cans of C4 Energy as part of inspiring, unique brand experiences. The most popular activity was allowing guests to make their own C4 hype reel with sports equipment props and a one-touch digital video system that represented their lifestyle, both brain and body. Even better, those videos were entered into a contest for a lucky winner to win a $1,000 grant to help Ignite Their Fire. 


Measurement showed significant list in awareness, intent to purchase, and actual volume & velocity in activated markets.


Fuel, Flavor, Fire, Repeat. See you in 2022.

US Markets 

Trial Experiences in 6 weeks

Interactive videos & photos
Unique activation locations
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